The Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement is one of the welfare Departments under Govt. of Mizoram headed by the Director under whom there are 4(four) District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officers(DSW&RO), one DSW&RO at Aizawl to look after the Districts of Aizawl, Serchhip and Mamit districts, one at Lunglei to look after the District of Lunglei, Saiha and Lawngtlai districts, the other one at Kolasib to look after the district of Kolasib and another one at Champhai to look after the district of Champhai. The implementation of resettlement and welfare scheme is carried out through Department of Sainik Welfare in the state and Zila Sainik Welfare Offices at District levels. The Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement (RSB) is to co-ordinate the work of Zila Saink Offices in the state and administer them in accordance with the rules and instructions prescribe by the Central and State Government.

At the State level the resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen are handled by Department of Sainik Welfare and Zila Sainik Welfare & Resettlement offices in the Districts. Generally, Governor/Chief Minister of the state is Chairman of the Rajya Sainik Board and Deputy Commissioner is the Chairman of Zila Sainik Board(ZSB).

History of the Department

1.    Office of DSS & A Board (District Soldiers Sailors, and Airmen’s Board) was raised on 18th Feb 1947 and had undergone the following changes:-

(a) Upgraded to Grade-II Board on 4th March 1958.

(b) Upgraded to Grade-I Board on 20th March 1963.

(c) Upgraded to State Level Board and called “Rajya Sainik Board” w.e.f. 1st May 1977. At the same time separate District office was established at Lunglei and called Zila Sainik Board.

(d) Secretary, RSB was declared head of Deptt. w.e.f. 22nd July 1987, vide Govt. of Mizoram, Finance Deptt order No.G.17012/4Pt/F-Est/192 of 22nd July 1987.

(e) Designation of the Department was changed into ‘Department of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement’ and its Secretary called as ‘Director’ w.e.f. 20th Sept 1989.

(f) District Level Zila Sainik Board was changed into ‘Zila Sainik Welfare and Resettlement’ and its Secretary was changed into Deputy Director, w.e.f. 20th Sept 1989.
(Authority : A.12018/1/89-HM(SB) Govt. of Mizoram, Home Deptt. dated 20th Sept 1989.)

(g) District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Offices was established on March 2011 at Champhai and Kolasib. The Deputy Director post was redesignated as District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer.
(Authority : A.38017/1/99-HM(SB)/L – II (a) dated 19/3/2010.


Powers and Duties of Officers & Employees in the Department


Powers and Duties of Officers: This department being a small and minor Department in the scheme of hierarchy Director is the Head of the Department. He is responsible for all the official work of the Department. He is supported by the Superintendent in the Directorate level who is responsible to make sure that the directive of the Director is carried out in a proper manner. Next in the hierarchy is the District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer (posted in district offices). They are responsible and accountable for the works assigned to them by the Director and the District under them. Mention is made here that there are no technical staff in the Department.


Clerical and other Ministerial Staff: The clerical works is carried out by the ministerial staff under the supervision of the Superintendent in the Directorate level and Head Assistant in the District level.


Other Category of Staff: Other category of staff includes, Defence Welfare Worker (DWW), Driver and other IV Grade staff. They perform their duties according to the jobs assigned to them.


Financial Powers: The Department follows the financial rules laid down by the state Finance Department and all codal procedures are maintained by the Department. The Department being a minor one, does not have a separate Accounts Officer. Director is delegated financial power under Scheduled-I and its District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officers are delegated financial power of Scheduled-II. Director as already mentioned is the Head of Department and the District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officers are the Head of Office in the respective establishments under their control and they are responsible for the activities including financial matters.