1.          Due to expansion of the Navy and the Air Force during World War-II, the Indian Soldiers Boards was reconstituted in April 1944, Later in March 1951, it was renamed as Indian Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Board. The Board functions under the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Minister as its Chairman. The designation of the Board was changed to the Kendriya Sainik Board in 1975.

 2.          As the welfare of the ex-servicemen and their dependants is the joint responsibility of the Centre and the states, majority of the problems will have to be resolved only by the states. To assist the state Govt. in this regard, there are 29 Rajya Sainik Board (RSB) in the country. Like Kendriya Sainik Board at the centre, the Rajya Sainik Boards are advisory bodies in respect of policy formulation with regards to resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen residing in the state. However, the implementation of resettlement and welfare scheme is carried out through Department of Sainik Welfare in the state and Zila Sainik Welfare Offices at District levels.

 Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)

 3.          The Directorate General Resettlement has been given the overall responsibility for resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen. The schemes/activities of the Directorate General Resettlement can be categorized under the following heads:-

(a)     Re-employment.

(b)    Self Employment

(c)     Training

(d)    Welfare

   Department of Sainik Welfare & Zila Sainik Welfare Offices

 4.          At State level the resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen are handled by Department of Sainik Welfare and Zila Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Offices in the Districts. Generally, Governor/Chief Minister of the state is Chairman of the Rajya Sainik Board and Deputy Commissioner is the Chairman of Zila Sainik Board (ZSB).



 1.          Office of DSS&A Board (District Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Board) was raised on 18 Feb 1947 and had undergone the following changes :-

(a)  Upgraded to Grade-II Board on 04 March 1958

(b)  Upgraded to Grade-I Board on 20 March 1963

(c)  Upgraded to State Level Board called ‘Rajya Sainik Board’ w.e.f. 01 May 1977. At the same time a separate District Office was established at Lunglei and called Zila Sainik Board.

(d)  Secretary, RSB was declared Head of Department w.e.f. 22 July 1987, vide Govt. of Mizoram, Finance Department Order No.G.17012/4Pt/F-Est/192 of 22 July 1987.

(e)  Designation of the Department was changed into “Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement” and its Secretary was called ‘Director’ w.e.f. 20 Sept 1989.

(f)   District level Zila Sainik Board was changed into ‘Zila Sainik Welfare & Resettlement’ and its Secretary was changed into ‘Deputy Director’ w.e.f. 20 Sept 1989. (Auth: A.12018/1/89-HM(SB) Govt. of Mizoram, Home Department, dated 20 Sept 1989).

(g)  Deputy Director was re-designated to District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer (DSW&RO) w.e.f. 28 Dec 2010 vide Government of Mizoram, Home Department Notification No.A.12024/3/82-HM dated 28 Dec 2010.

 Responsibilities : Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement (RSB)

 2. (a)        Co-ordinate the work of Zila Sainik Welfare Offices in the  state and administer them in accordance with the rules and  instructions prescribe by the Central and State Government.

 (b)       Promoting measures for the welfare and resettlement of ex-servicemen and families of serving/deceased personnel of the  Armed Forces within the State.

(c)       Disseminating information to the General Public regarding the Armed Forces in the country and for taking measures to raised  awareness and interest in Armed Forces amongst the members of  general public.


Responsibilities : Zila Sainik Welfare & Resettlement (ZSB):

 3.          (a)       Disseminating information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces in the country and constantly endeavouring to  promote and maintain a feeling of goodwill between civilian, service personnel and ex-servicemen.

(b)       Watching over the welfare of families of servicemen and ex-servicemen and assisting them in representing their cases with the  local administration or the defence authorities.

(c)       To assist intending candidates in approaching the   appropriate recruiting authorities for purpose of enlistment.

(d)       Scrutinising applications for relief from various military and  civil charitable funds and making suitable recommendations.

(e)       Settlement of financial problems such as pension and other   retirement/release benefits/dues to ex-servicemen.

(f)        Maintaining close liaison with the Pension Disbursing  authorities/agencies in the District to ensure prompt and correct payment of pension and relief’s to ex-servicemen pensioners or their    dependents.

(g)       Providing assistance for settlement of land and other  disputes.

(h)       Assist families of serving personnel in regard to the welfare  during the husband’s absence away on the duty.

(j)        Promote and maintain, under the guidance of the State Rajya  Sainik Boards, welfare measures in the District such as Rest House for ex-servicemen, vocational and other training facilities etc.

(k)       Mobilise assistance for medical treatment in Military/Civil hospitals.

(l)        Maintain liaison with other welfare organisations with a view to enlarge the field of additional sources of welfare and concessions for ex-servicemen and their families/dependents in the Districts.

(m)      Maintain an up-to-date register of war widows, dependents  and those disabled in action with a view to ensure their welfare.

(n)       To maintain close and effective liaison for purpose of   resettlement with industrial organisation, Employment Exchange   and revenue authority.

(p)       Assist ex-servicemen in setting up co-operatives for self-employment, and provide assistance to war widows, dependents   and war disabled for their resettlement.

(q)       Other responsibilities are:-

(i)    Organisation of Flag Day and any other fund raising measures in the District. 

(ii)   Organisation of rallies/re-union of ex-servicemen.

(iii)  Assist the three Services whenever called upon.



 1.          The Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement is one of the welfare Department under Govt. of Mizoram headed by the Director under whom there are 4 (four) DSW&RO (District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer). These District Officers are responsible to look after various districts:-







Aizawl, Serchhip, Mamit and Saitual



Lunglei, Siaha, Lawngtlai and Hnahthial



Champhai and Khawzawl




 2.          The Organisation Chart of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Department Mizoram at Appendix-A.




Powers and Duties of Officers

 1.          This Department is a small and minor Department, and in the scheme of hierarchy, the Director is the Head of the Department. He is responsible for all the official work of the Department. He is supported by the Superintendent in the Directorate level who is responsible to make sure that the directive of the Director is carried out in a proper manner. Next in the hierarchy is the District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer (Posted in the District Offices). They are responsible and accountable for the work assigned to them by the Director and towards the Districts under them. Mention is made here that there are no technical staff in the Department.

 Clerical and other Ministerial Staff

2.          The clerical work is carried out by the ministerial staff under the supervision of the Superintendent at the Directorate level and Head Assistant at the District level.

 Other Category of Staff

 3.          Other category of staff includes, Defence Welfare Worker (DWW), Driver and other IV Grade staff. They perform their duties according to the task assigned to them.

 Financial Powers

 4.          The Department follows the financial rules laid down by the state Financial Department, and all laid down procedures are followed by the Department. The Department being a minor department does not have a separate Accounts Officer. Director is delegated financial power under Scheduled I and its District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer are delegated financial power under Scheduled III. As already mentioned the Director is the Head of Department and the District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer are the Head of Office in their respective establishments under their control, and are responsible for the activities including financial matters.



Decision making procedures

1.          The decision making procedure followed in the Directorate is as stated. Any case requiring decision is processed by respective dealing clerk and endorsed to the Superintendent alongwith related papers and references. The Superintendent then endorses it to the Director for final decision with his comments. For any case requiring decision of the Govt. the case is endorsed to the Deputy Secretary, Home Department for further necessary action.

 2.          At the District level, Head of Office makes the decision in similar fashion as performed by the Director at the State level. When any case is required to be dealt by the higher authority, it is endorsed to the Director for either final decision or for further processing and decision by the Govt.

 Channel of Supervision

 3.          Channels of supervision is maintained by following the established hierarchical channel, i.e. the immediate superior supervises the next subordinate staff or officer and so on, both in the Directorate and other subordinate offices, the same procedure is followed in writing the Annual Confidential Report (ACR). The officer reported upon writes his/herself-appraisal and submits it to the next superior authority, who then forwards it to the next higher authority after writing the report on the officer’s performance. The Director is the authority to accept the reports for the non-gazetted staff and the Secretary (Home) is the authority for the gazetted officers.


 4.          Every Officer or staff is accountable for the work he or she performs and is bound to accept any consequences of negligence.




 The name and designation of the Public Information Officers under the Sainik Welfare & Resettlement are as follows:-




Name & Designation

Phone No



Surg Lt Cdr (Retd) Lalnuntluanga


Sainik Welfare & Resettlement

0389-2322732 (O)

0389-2321229 (R)

9862789780 (M)



Maj Rebecca L Chhakchhuak (Retd)

District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Officer, Aizawl

0389-2333131 (O)

0389-2327102 (R)

9485140868 (M)



Maj Johny Malsawmzuala (Retd)

District Sainik Welfare &

Resettlement Officer, Lunglei

0372-2324737 (O)

0372-2324737 (Extn)

7627912547 (M)



Maj John Khawlhring (Retd)

District Sainik Welfare &

Resettlement Officer, Champhai


03831-235517 (O)



Maj Carolyne L Pachuau

District Sainik Welfare &

Resettlement Officer, Kolasib

03837-222265 (O)

8974064771 (M)





Government of Mizoram have granted facilities and benefits to ex-servicemen and dependants which are as given in succeeding sections.

Section-I : Employment of Ex-servicemen, disabled and dependants under Govt. of Mizoram

1.       The Mizoram Ex-servicemen (Re-employment in Civil Posts) Rules, 2019: The following reservation/concession were made for recruitment of ex-servicemen in civil posts (Auth: A.12027/1/2016-P&AR (GSW) dated 10th October 2019, Gazetted Issue No. 660 dated 15 October 2019):-

(a)      Reservation of  Vacancies:

(i)       Five per cent of the vacancies in each of the categories of   Group-B' (Non-Gazetted), Group 'C' and Group 'D' posts falling  within the direct recruitment quota in any year shall be reserved  for being filled by ex-servicemen;

(ii)      No vacancy reserved for ex-servicemen shall be filled by  an appointing authority by any general candidate, until and  unless the said authority:

          -        has obtained a "Non-Availability Certificate" from the    employment exchange (where a requisition is placed on an      employment exchange);

          -        has verified the non-availability of a suitable candidate by      reference to the Director of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement and     recorded a certificate to that effect; and 

          -        has obtained approval of the Government of Mizoram.

(iii)     If the appointing authority is satisfied about the non-   availability of eligible candidates by following the procedure at    sub-rule (2) of this rule, then, such reserved vacancy shall be   de-reserved by the appointing authority.

(b)      Special Provision regarding Age Limit: For appointment to any reserved posts in Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted), Group 'C' and Group 'D' posts under the Government of Mizoram, an ex-servicemen who has put in not less than six months continuous service in the Armed Forces of the Union shall be allowed to deduct the period of such military service from his actual age and if the resultant age does not exceed the maximum age limit prescribed for the post or service for which he seeks appointment by more than three years, he shall be deemed to satisfy the condition regarding age limit.

(c)      Special Provision regarding Educational Qualifications: 

(i)       For appointment to any reserved posts in Group 'D', every      ex-serviceman who has put in not less than three years service  in the Armed Forces of the Indian Union shall be exempted from  the educational qualification, if any, prescribed in the recruitment rules for such posts. 

(ii)      For appointment to any reserved posts in Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted) and Group 'C' posts, ex-servicemen who have put in  at least three years service in the Armed Forces of the Union and    who obtained Computer proficiency related  Diploma/Certificate from the Armed Forces during their service       or who obtained any Diploma/Certificate from the Armed Forces  with Computer proficiency related course as one of the subject   in such courses shall be deemed to satisfy the qualification pertaining to Computer proficiency as mandated miller the    Mizoram Group 'A','B' & 'C' Posts Service Recruitment  (Amendment) Rules, 2016, which came into force with effect from  01.04.2017

           (iii)     For appointment to any reserved post in Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted) and Group 'C' posts, a matriculate ex-servicemen    (which includes an ex-serviceman who has obtained the Indian  Army Special Certificate of Education or the corresponding  certificates in the Navy or the Air Force), who has put in not less     than 15years of service in the Armed Forces of the Union maybe  considered eligible for appointment to posts for which the        essential qualification prescribed is Degree from a recognised    University and where:

          -        Work experience of technical or professional nature is not essential; or

          -        Though non-technical professional work experience is  prescribed as essential and yet the appointing authority is satisfied that the ex-servicemen is expected to perform the  duties of the post by undergoing on the job training for a short  duration.

           (iv)     For appointment to any reserved posts in Group 'C' where     the prescribed educational qualification is Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate, an ex-servicemen who has passed     the Indian Army Class-I Examination or equivalent examination in the Navy or the Air Force and who has put in not less than  15 years of service in the Armed Forces of the Union may be considered eligible for appointment to the posts.

2.          Disabled Ex-Servicemen for Class I & II Posts: Disabled defence personnel are also eligible for employment to Class I & II Posts, which are filled through competitive examination by the UPSC provided they are educationally qualified and the age does not exceed 45 years (50 years in case of disabled defence personnel belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe).

3.          Medical Examination Before appointment for Disabled Ex-Servicemen: The disabled ex-servicemen would be issued a Certificate by the Demobilization Defence Services Medical Board. No further medical fitness certificate is required for recruitment to Class I to IV Posts. If the physical capacity of a person deteriorates or improves after demobilization, the employing authority may require a fresh medical examination by the appropriate Civil Medical Board. (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Home Department HM(WF)2/72/Pt-I of 4 Dec 72 read with HM(SB) 11/74/Vol-II/32 of 13 Feb 1980).

4.          Hindi Teacher of Middle School for Ex-Servicemen: Special Recruitment Rules for Ex-Servicemen framed by Education Department is Army First Class in Hindi and Class VIII passed in general education. (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Directorate of Education DE9/ESM/Misc/ 14/79/42(A) of 05 June 1981).

5.          Grant of Various Concession/Facilities to Ex-Servicemen of Assam Rifles: All Department are to grant various concession/facilities to Ex-Servicemen of Assam Rifles which are presently being extended to Ex-Army Personnel. (Auth: (a) U.O. No HM(SB)7/76/37-A dated Aizawl 20 Sept 76 (b) Govt of Mizoram, Education and Social Welfare Department No.B.11015/1/81-EDN/73 of 02 June 1981).

6.          Recognition of Directory of Equation of Service Trade with Civil Trade: Govt of Mizoram recognizes the directory of equation of service trade with civil trade vide Govt of Mizoram Home Department letter No.A.12027/2/90-HMP(SB) of 10 Oct 1991.

7.          Sponsoring Power: RSB and ZSB are given Sponsoring Power for ex-servicemen candidates for appointment in Govt jobs for Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ w.e.f. 01 April 82 (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Appointment ‘B’ Department No.A.12027/1/82-APT(B) dated Aizawl 23 March 1982).

 8.          Exemption From Payment of Application/Examination Fees: Ex-Servicemen who are released from Armed Forces on completion of their normal tenure of service are exempted from payment of Application/Examination fees in respect of examination held under Govt of Mizoram for filling the vacancies for Class III posts in Mizoram on production of their Discharge Certificate.

 9.          Relaxation of Upper Age Limit to Commissioned Officers: Released Commissioned Officers including ECO/SSCO for appointment to Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Posts filled by Direct Recruitment are relaxed as under:-

(a)    The upper age limit shall be relaxed by the length of military service increased by 3 years. 

(b)    For appointment to any vacancy in Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ filled by direct recruitment on the result of all India competitive examination held by UPSC, Ex-Service Officers are allowed a maximum relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit (Auth: No.39016/15/79-EStt(C), Govt of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Deptt of P&AR 7/9/81 read with Govt of Mizoram Appointment ‘B’ Deptt No.13018/3/80-APT(B) of 24 Sept 81).

Section-II : Training

1.          Training of Ex-Servicemen in ITI Aizawl: Reservation of 1.5 seats each in ITI Aizawl in the trades of Electrician, Wireman, Motor Mechanics, Fitter and Welder has been made for Ex-Servicemen. (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Directorate of Education No.DE.24/ITI/13/77/22 dated Aizawl 27 May 1981).

2.          Reservation of Seat in Knitting/Tailoring Under Industries Department: Two seats have been reserved in training in Knitting/Tailoring at District Industry Centre, Aizawl per batch for widows and dependants of Ex-Servicemen vide Director of Industries Mizoram No.B.16015/13/81-DTE/IND/4 of 08 June 1981.

 3.          Sainik computer Training Centre: Sainik Computer Training Centre was established on 11 Nov 2002. Ex-Servicemen and their dependants are trained for duration of six months and have to deposit caution money (refundable). There are four shifts in a day. Starting from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and 20 student can be accommodated for one course (i.e. six months). One instructor @ Rs 5700/- is engaged. The minimum education qualification is Matriculation. The applicants have to appear before a Selection Board.


Section – III Welfare and Financial Assistance

1.          Financial Assistance to World War-II Veterans/Widows: A financial assistance to World War-II  Veteran and their Widow have been enhanced from ₹ 1200/1000 to ₹ 2400/2000 per month respectively vide Department Notification No.A.38017/1/2009-HM (SB) dated 21 Aug 2019 and are being given as per the enhanced rate with effect from 01 April 2019.

2.          Financial Assistance to 2nd Assam Disband: A financial assistance to personnel of 2nd Assam Disband have been enhanced from ₹ 1200 to ₹ 2400 per month vide Department Notification No.A.38017/1/2009-HM (SB) dated 21 Aug 2019 and are being given as per the enhanced rate with effect from 01 April 2019.

3.          Financial assistance for construction of dwelling houses for families of Soldiers killed during Battle:  Govt of Mizoram has decided to subsidies cost of construction of houses for families of servicemen killed or disabled as a result of Indo-Pak War 1971 and Op Pawan as follows:-

(a)    Officers                             - Rs 15,400

(b)    JCOs                                - Rs 12,400

(c)    Other Ranks                     - Rs 10,000

 Note: These figures have been increased from earlier rates which were Rs 4000/- for Officers, Rs 3000/- for JCOs and Rs 2000/- for other ranks.

4.          Education Concession: Education fees exemption are given to children of service personnel killed/wounded in action, to those studying in recognized Institution, and are admissible upto post graduate level:-

(a)    Exemption of all fees

(b)    Boarding fees (students living in hostel)

(c)    Fee stationery and Books

(d)    Fee uniform provided

(Auth: Govt of India letter No.F.14/2/80-School of 20 May 1988 read with Govt of Mizoram, Finance Department No. FE 30/78/164 of 22 July 1988).

 5.          Remission of House Tax: Govt of Mizoram sanctioned remission of House Tax to ex-servicemen and families of Armed Forces personnel killed in action, and to ex-servicemen with his family actually residing in their own house and agricultural land holding registered in the name of ex-serviceman.

(Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Revenue Department Notification No.LRR/A-96/88 dated 16 Sept 1992).

6.          Exemption from Payment of Entertainment Tax: Non-Commissioned members of defence service in uniform and in civilian clothes, on production of Identity Cards are exempted in all Cinema Houses from payment of Entertainment Tax under Sub-Section (3) of Section 8 of the Assam Amusements and Betting Tax Act 1939 and Excise & Taxation Department letter No.IXI.7./77-78/68 dated 29 July 1978).

 7.          Incentive Cash Award: Govt of Mizoram has provided an Incentive Cash Award of Rs 5000/- to those who passed written examination of CDSE/NDA/Naval Academy conducted by UPSC. The same has been enhanced to Rs 10000/- for the said candidates vide Govt of Mizoram, Notification No.A.12025/24/03-P&AR(GSW) dated 30 Sept 2004.

 8.          Govt of Mizoram has constituted two committees to look after the welfare of ex-servicemen and widows, and sanction funds whenever required by the ex-servicemen and their dependants. These Committees are as under:-

(a)     Mizoram Rajya Sainik Board: The Mizoram Rajya Sainik Board has been constituted under the President-ship of the  Governor of Mizoram, with three Vice-Presidents and a number of Ex-Officio Members and Special invitees. The Meeting of the Mizoram Rajya Sainik Board is held once in a year and they touch upon the complete ambit of the welfare of the Ex-Servicemen, widows and dependants.

(b)    Mizoram State Managing Committee on Special Fund for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen: The Mizoram State Managing Committee on Special Fund has been constituted under the Chairmanship of the Governor of Mizoram, with two vice-chairman, Members and Special Invitees. The Mizoram State Managing Committee also meets once in a year, possibly alongside the Mizoram Rajya Sainik Board Meeting, to discuss ways and means to assist the needy ex-servicemen, widows and dependants financially and to chalk out projects for the welfare of the ex-servicemen.

 9.          Armed Forces Flag Day: The Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on 07 Dec every year all over India, to pay homage to the martyrs and show our solidarity with the Armed Forces. On this Flag Day a fund collection drive is carried out and donation is collected from the public which is utilized for the welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen, widows and dependants. Funds so collected are deposited into the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

 10.        Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF): The financial assistance provided to needy Ex-servicemen, widows and their wards from RMDF for various purposes is indicated below, the same are to be applied online at KSB website with necessary documents:-

 (a)  Penury Grant: A financial assistance @ ₹ 4000/- per month is give to non-pensioner Ex-servicemen/widow up to the rank of Havildar/ equivalent in Navy/Air Force.

(b)  Education Grant: Children Education Grant @ ₹ 1000/- per month is given to maximum of two children of Ex-servicemen up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force.. This is applicable for classes 1 to 12 and undergraduate classes of a degree college.

(c)  Disabled Children Grant: A small measure of relief @ ₹ 1000/- per month is provided to 100% disabled children of an Ex-servicemen/widow upto the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force.

(d)  Marriage Grant: Marriage grant @ ₹ 50,000/- is granted to Ex-servicemen/widow up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force for the marriage of their daughter (up to two daughters) and re-marriage of widow. 

(e)  Medical Grant: Medical grant is granted to non-pensioner Ex-servicemen/widow up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force up to a maximum of ₹ 30,000/- per year to meet the expenditure incurred on treatment of various ailments.

(f)  Serious Medical Treatment: A financial assistance is provided to non-pensioner officer/widow and non-pensioner JCO/OR/widow up to 75% and 90% of the total expenditure incurred for the following serious medical treatment.  

(i)         A maximum of 1,25,000/- per year for Angiography &  Angioplasty, CABG (1) Dialysis, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Cerebral stroke, Prostrate surgery, Joint replacement, Renal failure.

(ii)        A maximum of 75,000/- per year  for treatment of cancer/dialysis.

Note: Expenditure exceeding one lakh, incurred by non-pensioner ESM on non listed serious diseases can be considered by KSB after taking due opinion of DGAFMS

(g)  Funeral Grant: A one time grant of ₹ 5000/- is given to widow of Ex-servicemen up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force for the last rites of her Ex-servicemen husband.

(h)  Vocational Training of Widow: A one time grant of ₹ 20,000/- is provided as financial assistance to widow of Ex-servicemen up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent in Navy/Air Force for training in recognised vocational training institute run by state like ITI or private training institution.

(i)   House Repair Grant: A financial assistance for house damaged by natural calamity is provided up to an amount of ₹ 20,000 to orphaned daughter of all ranks and 100% disabled Ex-servicemen/widow up to the rank of Havildar/equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force.

(j)   Financial Assistance to Orphan Children: Orphan children of Ex-servicemen below the age of 21 year for son or unmarried daughter are provided  a financial assistance @  ₹ 1000/- per month.

(k)  Procurement of Mobility Equipment: A maximum amount of ₹ 57,500/- as financial assistance for procurement of mobility equipment is provided to Ex-servicemen who are disabled after retirement from service with disability of 50% or  more.

(l)   Incentive to Wards of Ex-servicemen/Widow Undergoing Cadet’s Training at NDA: A financial incentive @ ₹ 1000/- per month is given to wards of Ex-servicemen below the rank of Havildar who join the National Defence Academy.

(m) Interest Subsidy on Home Loan: 50% of the interest of Home Loan charged by the banks or Govt/Public Sector would be reimbursable for war bereaved, war disabled and attributable peacetime casualties up to a maximum loan of ₹ 1,00,000/-.

11.        Admission into Professional Colleges: At present (25-28) seats in MBBS and (1-3) seat in BDS under Central Government Nominee quota are available through KSB for wives/widows and wards of categories of Defence personnel in the following order of priority:-

 Killed in action

  1. Disabled in action and boarded out from service
  2. Died while in service with death attributable to military service
  3. Disabled in service and boarded out with disability attributable to military service
  4. Gallantry Award/Other Award Winners


12.        Sainik Rest House in Mizoram: There are two Sainik Rest House in Mizoram. One at Khatla, Aizawl and another one at Lunglei. In these Rest Houses, Ex-Servicemen can stay comfortably at very cheap rates. Civilian are also provided rooms if accommodation is available in the Sainik Rest House. Room rents are as under:-

     (a)  Kaziranga &     (1) Ex-Servicemen       ₹ 300/-per night 

           Jessami Suites (2) Serving Personnel  ₹ 400/-per night

                                   (3) Civilian                  ₹ 500/-per night

      (b)  General Rooms      (1) Ex-Servicemen      ₹ 100/-per night

                                   (2) Serving Personnel  ₹ 200/-per night 

                                   (3) Civilian                  ₹ 300/-per night


13.        Jai Jawan Stall: Under this Department, there are 5 (five) Jai Jawan Stalls, four at Aizawl and one at Lunglei. Jai Jawan Stall at New Market Aizawl was donated by Indian Tobacco Co-Ltd Guwahati on 28 Sept 1982, two Jai Jawan Stalls were constructed by 71 mountain Brigade. One Jai Jawan Stall was recently constructed by Sainik Welfare & Resettlement at Ngaizel, Aizawl. These stalls are allotted to deserving War Widows and Ex-Servicemen on as required basis.


14.        War Memorial Service: The Department is having three War Memorials, each one located at Aizawl, Lunglei and Champhai. The Department organised war memorial service every year on Vijay Diwas and other important occasions to pay tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. The memorial service are also organised during visit by high dignitaries and military authorities. 

 15.        Special Casual Leave to Ex-Servicemen: Heads of Department may grant special casual leave up to 15 days in a year to re-employed ex-servicemen for the following occasions:- 

(a)    Appearing before Medical Re-survey Boards for assessment of disability pension.

(b)    Attending Artificial Limb Centres for replacement of artificial limb(s) or for treatment, of injuries sustained during operations.

 Note: The maximum of 15 days include transit time both ways on         the basis of medical discharge certificates (Auth: FR&SR Part III.5).



1.          Cash Award to recipients of Gallantry/

Distinguish Service Medals: The Government of Mizoram is pleased to enhance the Cash Awards to the recipient of Gallantry Awards at the rates indicated below:-


Name of Award

Cash Award

Param Vir Chakra (PVC

Rs 15,00,000/-

Ashok Chakra (AC)

Rs 15,00,000/-

Kirti Chakra (KC)

Rs 10,00,000/-

Vir Chakra (VrC)

Rs  5,00,000/-

Shourya Chakra (SC)

Rs  5,00,000/-

Sena/Nao/Veyu Sena Medal

Rs  3,00,000/-

Mention-in Dispatches (M-in-D)

Rs  1,50,000/-


2.          The terms and conditions for grant of cash award shall continue to apply as per provisions of Notification vide No.J.12014/3/86-POL dated 30.3.1989.


3.          Ex-Gratia Grant to Dependants of Service Personnel Killed in Action/Operation: Govt of Mizoram has enhanced Ex-Gratia grant to dependants of service personnel killed in action/operations as under:-

(a)  Ex-Gratia to next of Kin : Rs 6,00,000/- of soldiers killed in action/operations

(b)  Ex-Gratia to soldiers :  (i)  75% disability  and above - Rs  3.00 lakhs

           disabled in action    (ii) 50% - 75%   disability    - Rs  2.00 lakh

                                           (iii) 25% - 50%  disability     - Rs   1.00 lakh

(Auth: Govt of Mizoram Home Deptt letter No.A.38017/1/99-HM(SB)L-II(a) dated 06 Jan 2010).




1.          Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS): The Govt of India introduced Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme w.e.f. 01 Apr 2003. It is a publicity funded Medicare scheme for those who are Ex-Servicemen drawing pension and their eligible dependants, and provides comprehensive quality treatment throughout patient treatment at 426 Polyclinics all over India, and in-patient hospitalization & treatment through Diagnostic Centre at all these 426 locations, which will be empanelled for the purpose. Treatment/Hospitalization in Service Hospitals will be available to Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme members, subject to availability of specialist, medical staff and bed space. Details of this Health Scheme are given in succeeding paras.

 2.          Eligibility:

(a)    Ex-Servicemen drawing any pension/disability pension and their family members spouse, unemployed son below 25 years, unemployed and unmarried daughters, dependants parents whose combined income is less than Rs 9000/- pm and mentally/physically challenged children for life.

(b)    Widows/Family pensioners drawing Ordinary/Special Family Pension.


3.          Payment of Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme, (Contribution Amount): With effect from 29 December 2017, the revised rates of ECHS Contribution to be paid by Ex-Servicemen and wards are as under:-







All Officers

₹ 1,20,000/-



JCO/including Hony/MACP Nb Sub & Hony Lt/Capt

₹ 67,000/-




₹ 30,000/-





1.          Recruitment into Army: Recruitment in the Army is broad based for every male citizen irrespective of caste, class, religion and domicile, and is eligible for recruitment into the Army, provided he meets the laid down age, educational, physical and medical standards.

2.          All Recruitment Rallies i.e. Indian Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Indian Army, including Assam Rifles, held in Mizoram is the responsibility of the Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement. This Department conducts special coaching classes for joining the armed forces and special efforts is made to publicize the recruitment rallies to be conducted in Mizoram, so that the youth who are interested will step forward and join the armed forces of the country.