Government of Mizoram have granted facilities and benefits to ex-servicemen and dependants which are as given in succeeding sections.

Section-I : Employment of Ex-servicemen, disabled and dependants under Govt. of Mizoram

1.    Job Reservation: Govt. of Mizoram reserved 10% and 20% vacancies in class III and IV Posts respectively. (Auth: Govt. of Mizoram, Home Department IIM(WF)2/72/Pt I of 04 Dec 1972 read with HM(SB)11/74/Vol-II/32 of 13 Feb 1980).

2.    Priority-I for disabled Ex-servicemen: Disabled Ex-Servicemen are accorded Priority I with the aforesaid reservations in Class III & IV Posts.

3.    Priority-II for family members of Personnel killed in Action: Upto two members each of the family of defence service personnel killed in action may be appointed without registration at the Employment Exchange to Class III & IV posts filled by direct recruitment. Members of the families would include his widow/sons/daughter/near relatives who agree to support the deceased family.

4.    Priority-III: Other ex-servicemen within the reservation.

5.    Age Relaxation: Ex-Servicemen are allowed to deduct the period of military service from his actual age and if the resultant age does not exceed the maximum age limit prescribed for the post which he seeks appointment by more than 3 years.

6.    Relaxation of Education qualification for Class IV appointment: Appointing authority may at its discretion relax the minimum education qualification, if any, prescribed in respect of Class IV post in favour of Ex-Servicemen who are other-wise eligible for appointment to such posts.

7.    Carry forward of Vacancies: Continuous account of the vacancies arising in Class III & IV posts from year to year should be kept. If the Employment Exchange furnishes a non-availability certificate in respect of vacancy reserved for ex-servicemen, the vacancies may be filled by other candidates but before doing so, a reference may be made to the DGR, Ministry of Defence, who may nominate suitable persons. Illustration: If 13 vacancies arise in post in Class III in a year. One vacancy should be reserved for ex-servicemen, but the excess of 10 vacancies in that year, viz. three, would be notionally carried forward to the next year and added to the vacancies arising in the next year to work out the reservation for ex-servicemen. If 18 vacancies arise in the second year, the previous three vacancies would be added to this and two vacancies will be reserved for ex-servicemen and the remainder i.e. one vacancy, would once again be carried notionally to the next year to be added to the vacancies arising in that year for determining in the reserved vacancies.

8.    Class I & II Posts: For the purpose of employment to these posts recruitment to which is normally made by Govt, disabled personnel who possess the required qualification and experience, and whose age does not exceed 45 years (50 years in case of disabled defence personnel belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes) will also be considered.

9.    Disabled Ex-Servicemen for Class I & II Posts: Disabled defence personnel are also eligible for employment to Class I & II Posts, which are filled through competitive examination by the UPSC provided they are educationally qualified and the age does not exceed 45 years (50 years in case of disabled defence personnel belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe).

10.    Medical Examination Before appointment for Disabled Ex-Servicemen: The disabled ex-servicemen would be issued a Certificate by the Demobilization Defence Services Medical Board. No further medical fitness certificate is required for recruitment to Class I to IV Posts. If the physical capacity of a person deteriorates or improves after demobilization, the employing authority may require a fresh medical examination by the appropriate Civil Medical Board. (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Home Department HM(WF)2/72/Pt-I of 4 Dec 72 read with HM(SB) 11/74/Vol-II/32 of 13 Feb 1980).

11.    Hindi Teacher of Middle School for Ex-Servicemen: Special Recruitment Rules for Ex-Servicemen framed by Education Department is Army First Class in Hindi and Class VIII passed in general education. (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Directorate of Education DE9/ESM/Misc/ 14/79/42(A) of 05 June 1981).

12.    Grant of Various Concession/Facilities to Ex-Servicemen of Assam Rifles: All Department are to grant various concession/facilities to Ex-Servicemen of Assam Rifles which are presently being extended to Ex-Army Personnel. (Auth: (a) U.O. No HM(SB)7/76/37-A dated Aizawl 20 Sept 76 (b) Govt of Mizoram, Education and Social Welfare Department No.B.11015/1/81-EDN/73 of 02 June 1981).

13.    Recognition of Directory of Equation of Service Trade with Civil Trade: Govt of Mizoram recognizes the directory of equation of service trade with civil trade vide Govt of Mizoram Home Department letter No.A.12027/2/90-HMP(SB) of 10 Oct 1991.

14.    Sponsoring Power: RSB and ZSB are given Sponsoring Power for ex-servicemen candidates for appointment in Govt jobs for Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ w.e.f. 01 April 82 (Auth: Govt of Mizoram, Appointment ‘B’ Department No.A.12027/1/82-APT(B) dated Aizawl 23 March 1982).

15.    Exemption From Payment of Application/Examination Fees: Ex-Servicemen who are released from Armed Forces on completion of their normal tenure of service are exempted from payment of Application/Examination fees in respect of examination held under Govt of Mizoram for filling the vacancies for Class III posts in Mizoram on production of their Discharge Certificate.

16.    Relaxation of Upper Age Limit to Commissioned Officers: Released Commissioned Officers including ECO/SSCO for appointment to Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Posts filled by Direct Recruitment are relaxed as under:-

    (a)        The upper age limit shall be relaxed by the length of military service increased by 3 years.

    (b)        For appointment to any vacancy in Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ filled by direct recruitment on the result of all India competitive examination held by UPSC, Ex-Service Officers are allowed a maximum relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit (Auth: No.39016/15/79-EStt(C), Govt of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Deptt of P&AR 7/9/81 read with Govt of Mizoram Appointment ‘B’ Deptt No.13018/3/80-APT(B) of 24 Sept 81).